NUMANDI in Playa Avellanas

We present NUMANDI, a project designed to protect and preserve. In the heart of Avellanas, Costa Rica, Numandi stands as a one in a lifetime opportunity to own  tree hugging homes that merge with the forest. 


80 luxury homes with 3, 4 or 5 bedrooms that will embrace their surroundings and provide you  with a life full of harmony as well as the privilege of living among nature in a way that will transform  your world. 



Each house will be unique and special in its own way, adjusting itself to the trees that have grown  with strength and power along the years and that will provide you with powerful sensations every day.  


Every single corner of NUMANDI is being thought and taken care of so it can generate and maintain  a real connection with nature but also, to give back to it in a constant and determined way. 


Monkeys,  armadillos, and many other animals will be able to move freely between trees and common areas. Water resources are being delicately kept and protected, trees are counted and cared for, so that they will continue to be standing strong along NUMANDI. 


Proud and passionate, our team works on every detail throughout the project. It is also our mission,  to care for and help the surrounding community, an idea that has developed into education and conservation programs that are currently worked on and were included from day one throughout the conformation of this amazing project. 


NUMANDI, embraces nature as its finest treasure and taking care of this precious jewel is our  everyday purpose. We invite you to welcome this desire into your heart, learn how to help and  take a part on this amazing task. 

NUMANDI is a community of NATURAL ELEMENTS, meant for those who care. 


The Offering:

80 Unique Luxury Tree Hugging Homes. 

In options of 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms, at NUMANDI, choosing your home is part of an amazing adventure. 

Each of the 80 properties in our master plan presents its own singular magic, all different in shape and nature within, in every option, trees have been counted  and are being cared for, delivering an emotional path that will make you fall in love with your choice but also, generating the opportunity to create a house that embraces nature as well as the dreams and expectations of every homeowner at  NUMANDI. 

Pick your property, hug your trees, close your eyes, and enjoy the opportunity of working with us in the modulation of your own unique home.


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