An investment of $1 billion will develop Marina Tambor and Cobano Preserve.

An investment of $1 billion will develop Marina Tambor and Cobano Preserve.

Burkhan World Investment, investors from GCC countries, and Stone Alliance are the parties of the agreement.

Starting with the sustainable real estate development of Marina Tambor and Cobano Preserve, with an investment of around $1 billion, the southern Nicoya Peninsula will benefit from new infrastructure, business attraction, and new jobs.

This comes as a result of an investment agreement reached on February 3rd between Burkhan World Investment, an investor from GCC member countries (United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait), and Stone Alliance, a Costa Rican real estate company.

During the planning and development stages of Marina Tambor and Cobano Preserve, Stone Alliance and Burkhan World Investment have received guidance and support from the Costa Rican Coalition of Development Initiatives (CINDE).

Both projects are led by Ángel Coello, Jorge Jiménez, and Alexander Grikitis, and involve a mixed-use real estate eco-development that includes the construction of a tourist marina, hotels, commercial and residential areas on a 360-hectare property with 4.5 kilometers of coastline, located in Punta Piedra Amarilla, Bahía Ballena, on the Nicoya Peninsula.

This agreement was celebrated in Costa Rica with Shahal Khan and Isaac Chetrit, CEO and president of Burkhan World Investment, respectively.

During their visit to the country, Khan and Chetrit held meetings with government representatives and engaged in negotiations with Sarah Khalifa, Vice President of Mixed-Use Development at Marriott Corporation, with whom they are exploring opportunities for their major hotel brands to be part of the tourism project.

Burkhan World Investment has over 14 years of purpose-driven investments, seeking positive development and reinvesting in increasingly conscious, responsible, caring, and empathetic societies.

On the other hand, Stone Alliance, in addition to its portfolio of real estate projects, has in-house departments for architecture, design, planning, development, financing, marketing, and sales of tourism projects. This is achieved by forming alliances with leading companies with extensive experience in the aforementioned areas.


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