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William Porteous prides himself on living a unique life. He is always making decisions with his memoirs in mind. An explorer at heart, his multitude of uncommon adventures have taken him all around the world in search of the next incredible story to tell. His work experience is broad enough to include everything from high-rise window cleaning to deep-sea commercial fishing, but he always had a passion for geography.
After earning an honors BA, Specializing in Urban Development, he was recruited into his dream position, which would allow him to travel to his heart’s content. He spent nearly a decade living out of hotels, visiting a different city on a weekly basis, topping out in 2018, seeing 73 destinations on an airplane in one calendar year.
With so much experience and worldly knowledge to draw from, he chose Costa Rica as the place to finally plant some roots. Having longed for a life in the tropics for as long as he can remember, Costa Rica suits him perfectly, and he is excited to build a life here and put his heart into adding value to society in all the ways he is able.
Whatever your dream may be, achieving his has infused him with inspiration to help you achieve yours. As a proud member of one of the most well-respected and distinguished global real estate firms, few are better positioned to assist you in making your vision become a reality.

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