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As a corporate real estate expert, Rosella Brenes offers a wide range of services to help businesses find and secure suitable commercial properties for their needs. Her expertise and knowledge in the field allow her to provide strategic advice and personalized solutions for businesses across various industries.
The services provided by Rosella Brenes as a corporate real estate expert include:
Business needs analysis: Rosella works closely with businesses to understand their commercial goals, operational requirements, and space needs. Through thorough analysis, she identifies key features that a commercial property should have to meet the company's needs.
Property search and selection: Leveraging her extensive knowledge of the real estate market, Rosella conducts comprehensive searches to find commercial properties that align with the company's specific criteria. She evaluates factors such as location, accessibility, size, infrastructure, and regulatory requirements to ensure the property meets the company's needs and expectations.
Lease or purchase contract negotiation: As a skilled negotiator, Rosella uses her expertise to secure the most favorable terms for the company in lease or purchase contracts. She works closely with property owners or real estate agents to achieve fair and beneficial agreements for the company.
Due diligence and transaction management: Rosella conducts thorough investigations of selected properties, including legal, financial, and technical aspects. She ensures that the company has a clear understanding of the details and risks associated with the property before proceeding with the transaction. Additionally, she provides assistance in managing the necessary paperwork and processes to successfully complete the transaction.
Long-term strategic advisory: Rosella focuses not only on finding a suitable commercial property for the company in the present but also provides long-term strategic advice. She considers factors such as the company's future growth, potential property appreciation, and space flexibility to ensure that the property choice is a smart long-term investment.
In summary, as a corporate real estate expert, Rosella Brenes is dedicated to helping businesses find and secure commercial properties that meet their operational and strategic needs. Her extensive market knowledge, negotiation skills, and personalized approach make her a reliable and valuable choice for businesses seeking quality corporate real estate services.In addition to her exceptional professional career, it is worth noting that Rosella Brenes is a proud mother of two exceptional children. Outside of her real estate endeavors, Rosella has a passion for dogs and enjoys their companionship. She finds joy in spending time with her furry companions and appreciates the unconditional love and companionship they bring to her life.
Furthermore, Rosella embraces the golfing lifestyle and takes advantage of the opportunity to sail in the beautiful blue waters of Costa Rica's Gold Coast, particularly in Guanacaste. This coastal region offers breathtaking landscapes and provides ample opportunities to engage in water activities and sports like golf. Rosella's active and energetic lifestyle aligns perfectly with the recreational opportunities available in this region, allowing her to combine her love for outdoor activities with her passion for real estate.
These personal interests and hobbies contribute to Rosella's well-rounded nature and add to her ability to connect with clients on a personal level. Her dedication to both her professional and personal life showcases her commitment to achieving a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

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